Academic Meeting - Level 1

अ सेज्ञ तक (स्वर और व्यंजन) – मौखिक एवंलिखित
A – Z and a – z (Capital and Small Letters) – Oral and Written
Poem Recitation (Small Poems)
Counting 1 – 100 - Oral and Written
1– Digit Addition & Subtraction
Identification of Fruits, Vegetables, Animal etc.
Moral Values – Daily Thought
Drawing, Coloring on basic shapes and scenes in an activity book. Teaching Methodology Suggestions
English - For Capital and Small Letters
ह ंदी - स्वर और व्यंजन केलिए
Math – For Counting 1-100
इंग्लिश व ्ह ंदी की कॉपियों मेंजो िाइन ै, उसका ध्यान दें, शब्द िाइन केअनुसार लििेजाए
Moral values should be taught in the form of storytelling.
Chorus for basic learning
Flash Cards for letters.